Characteristics of good researcher

 1 systematic

            Research should be systematic

            Every research follows certain set of procedure

            The researcher has chosen the procedure

            This should be executed by step by step


            1 for conducting research a researcher 1st closes a topic

            2 then carry out literature review

            3 formulate research objectives / questions / hypothesis

            4 this should be followed by 1 sampling 2 analysing data 3 collecting

   data 5 testing hypothesis

            5 drawing generalisations

            6 writing research report

2 Empirical

            Verify by observation on experience rather than theory or puree logic.

            So research should be based on observation / direct or real life experience. Scientific method should be used while conducting research.

3 critical: - there should be critical analysis of the methods and procedure used so that researcher should b free from any error’s objectivity.

4 researchers should be free from the personal values and beliefs of the researcher.

             Do not misinterpret result to verify their own personal belief.

5 accuracy: - research should be free from errors

            It depends on whether the research tool selected carefully or not. 

            Attention should be paged @ every step to avoid error

            No accurate research = bad result

6 generalisability

            Eg: online education in college. He cannot find research on all college so he take one college & generalise to all 

7 logical:- good research is logical.

In other words it is governed by rules of logical reasoning induction & dedication which are part of logical reasoning also play an important role in research.

8 realistic:- good researcher should be realistic it should be deal with some real problem of the world also the result should be realistic.

            Eg:- level of ground water = لا فائدة فيهم

9 controlled:- in real life  any activity in affected by many factor:- while conducting research it will not be possible to consider. All the factor together.

            So study the impact of any one factor.

            It is easy in physical science as experiment done in laboratory but difficult in social science.

10 validity:- this implies that the conclusion drawn from the study are correct.

            Validity ensure the applicability of the research.

            The conclusion only in real life if it is valid.

11 reliability:-  reliable research will produce similar result

            Eg:- a study sport activity & health status.

            & conclude = playing game = improve health of a person.

            It another samples also reach this conclusion then it can be said that the research procedure & result are valuable.

            Greater the similarity in result greater the reliability.

12 Rigorous: - strictly applied or extremely thorough & careful.

            Rigorous research is the result of reliable and accurate data used for drawing objectives and meaning full conclusion.

13 credibility:- research should be credible.

            Conclusion = based on accurate data.

            Special care used to use of secondary data because it is a chance to manipulation.

14 cyclical or incremental: -

             Formulating the results of research does hot end. The process – in every end there is a scope of new beginning good research is that which leave scope of further extension.

15 Replicable:-

            Research can be copy & used for decision making

16 positivism & post positivistic approach 

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