e-learning facilities

(MOOCS) massive open online courses are online courses that are available-free on cost.

          Such courses are taught by prestigious Indian and foreign institutes on plat form such as: -







Anyone can enroll on course with out any restrictions of the qualification.

          Online courses comprise


      Course hand out

      Suggested teaching

      Online test

After successful completion certificate = issued


Which stands for [study webs of active-learning for young aspiring minds]

Swayam= MOOC based initiative introduced by Indian government

Where course from prestigious institutes are available online

Student can enroll on the course free of unit


Swayam Prabha

It is a project of ministry of human resources development and government of India under national mission on education through ICT.

          It is the set of 32 DTH channels which telecast high quality educational program 24*7 basis using the GSAT-15 sate lite

The content is provided by:

1.    UGC

2.    CTC

3.    IITS

4.    IGNOU

5.    NPTEL

6.    NCERL

7.    NIOS


- the website of Swayam Prabha is maintained by INFLIBNET center

- new content is telecast every day for at least four hours and it is then repeated 5 times in a day.

So that the student can learn at their ok time

- there are channel dedicated to school education and higher education in subject of language

1 humanity

2 social sciences

3 physical  sciences

4 mathematics

5 life science

6 various engineering stream agriculture vocational and allied science etc



Consortium for educational communication

CEC set up = 1993 by UGC

Purpose: for addressing needs of higher education through the use of tv and ICT (information communication technology)

          It is an intercity center and the nodal agency to: -

1.    Or coordinate

2.    Guide

3.    Facilitate the production of educational content at the national level through the net work of 21 media center.


Before the setting up of CEC the educational programs were managed by the media counters established by UGC in 6 University.

For this purpose country wide class room program were started in 1948

EDUSAT is the one of the educational satellite launched by India space research organization ISRO for interactive satellite based distance education.

It stream both live as well as recorded session (available on you tube)

Student can interact with teacher through
1text mod
2over triphone
3 audio / video conference



join effort of
1ministry of human resources development (MHRD)
2govenment of India
3national council of educational research and training (NCERT)

It is a platform which support a collection of write range of educational. E-resources including.

1.    Text book

2.    Audio

3.    Video

4.    Periodical and other material


it can be used by: -

1.    teachers

2.    student

3.    and their parents

4.    researchers

5.    education

NPTET (national program on technology enhanced learning)

It is joint initiative by: -

1.    IITS (Bombay / dilly / Gujarat / Ganpur / kargpur / maelras)

2.    IISC

For improving quality of online content which can be used by teachers and students

Teachers can use there courses to plan the class room lectures


ICT based teaching support system 

Most of teaching support system involved ICT

The content can be made interesting using animation video images in slides

ICT also share the teaching resources

Video / course hand out / tests and other course content can be uploaded online

Teachers can make online solution like google class room to share online content with students 1have discussion 2receive assignments 3conduct online test

Teaching supporting system

- teaching aids

- it is the resources which teacher used to make learning effective & long lasting

- student understand better for student

- there is an it have 1black board 2CMPLX computer program

- these can be audio / visual / both.

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