Method of research

1 experimental research:- in experimental research the relation between two /more variable is tested by performing experiment involving manipulation of stimulate environment or an independent variable.

2 Descriptive research:- is conducted to descriptive the characteristics of

 1 situation

2 phenomenon

 3 or a problem

Different type of methods based on descriptive method

 = 1 observational method

2 survey method

 3 case study method

It is describing a problem by obsecrating  it.

Observer can observe from outside or from a past of the group understudy to understand better.

The researcher can collect data with the help of survey from survey from can be filled with face – face interaction.

 Or online

Or post

3 Historical research

            It is research to examine past event. No experiment can be performed in such a type of study.

An attempt can be made to recreate the situation.

Such studies are helpful to know about historical background of the present-day events.

 Steps in historical research included:

1 specify the research problem

 2 reviews of literature

 3 extracting information from different source

4 analysing in formation to draw conclusion

Here primary data source = person who had witnessed or experience the problem under study.

Hypothesis is not required in historical research.

Eg:- research conducted to know about the development of modern-day education system In India.

4 quantitative research & qualitative research

 Steps of Research

According to Clifford Woody  research comprises the following steps.

1 defining & redefining problems

 2 formulating hypothesis

 3 collecting organising & evaluating data

4 making deduction & reaching conclusion

 5 testing the conclusion to determine whether they fit or not 


1 select a topic (1st step)

This is not an easy /quick task

Researcher can start with selecting  a wide topic.

Researcher also need to consider some aspects like

 1 feasibility of research

 2 any work already done on the topic

 3 depth & methodology of work in similar area is a set of broad objectives.

            This involves the review of literature

This will 1 Brocken 2 modify 3 narrow Dow or strengthen the topic chosen.

Literature review act as an source of interdisciplinary insight criticism or new idea.

It will provide better clarify about the problem what need to be suited.

 While choosing topic

1 the topic should not be too narrow or too vague

2 researchers should be familiar with the topic

3 the topic should be feasible

            Research guid or expert in the field can be consulted to know about the feasibility.

4 there should be a scope of new discovery in the field it too much has already done on that topic then there will be leaser scope of new discovery.

5 if the field is relatively new then preliminary study should be conduct.  

1 select a topic

2 define a research problem

3 review the literature

4 develop the objectives

5 identify variable & formulate hypothesis

6 prepare a research design

7 carry out sampling   

8 collect data

9 perform data analysis and hypothesis testing

10 carry out generalisation and interpretation

11 write the research report

12 steps of research process

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