Type of research

Research can be categorised on the basic of it’s

                        1 process

                        2 application

                        3 enquiry mock

                        4 ideas or concepts

                        5 extension or new ness

                        6 objective logic etc

1 quantitative & qualitative research

2 fundamental research & applied research

3 structured research & un structured research

4 conceptual research & empirical research

5 innovative research & incremental research

6 descriptive research & analytical research

7 deductive research & inductive research

 Quantitative & qualitative research

1 Eg: study conducted to know about how many person suffer from mental  disorder in a class room.

How much is the estimated treatment expenditure

Extend of medical

2 idea with quantitative phenomenon ( involving quantity )

3 it is used to quantity a 1 problem 2 attitude 3 behaviour 4 opinion

4 it tell about how much or how many

It is usually structured

It is similar to dedicative research goes from general to specific


Technique used for data collection include

                        1 survey

                        2 Interview

                        3 longitudinal studies & so-on

Sample size comparatively braes but with greater depth

Qualitative research

1 it deals with qualitative phenomenon (involving quality)

2 eg: study conducted to know about why people suffered from mental disorder

  How this effect the personal life of a person


3 it is used for qualitative analysis // for understanding problem which cannot be qualified

4 it tell about why it provide understanding of 1 problem 2 attitude 3 behaviour

5 it is similar to inductive research goes from specific to general

6 technique used for data collection include

                        1 group discussion

                        2 Observation

                        3 individual Interview

                        4 Word association test

                        5 story completion Test

                        6 sentence completion Test


Sample size is comparatively smaller with greater depth

It can be classified in to   1 phenomenology

                                                2 Ethnography

                                                3 case study

                                                4 grounded Theory

                                                5 historical research etc

Mixed research

There can be both quantitative & qualitative aspects are being analysed in same study

Qualitative research can have some quantitative element that can be tested with technique or vice versa

Fundamental research & Applied research

fundamental Research:-

            1 it is used for : generalizing

             : make abolition to the existing knowledge

            2 it is conducted for formulating theories and a greater scope of application


Applied research

It is used for any specific social or business issues

It is used to find solution of any particular problem

Or analyse any particular issue.

 structured research & un structured research

structured research

            in this research  1 objectives

                                                2 design

                                                3 sample etc

Are predestined.

 unstructured research 

            it allows flexibility.

            Objective / design etc are not predestined 

 Conceptual research & Empirical research

conceptual research

            it is based on theoretical approach

            it is generally used to develop new theory or redefine the already existing one

 it is based on establishing concept / theory.

Based on observation / intellectual not experiment

 Empirical research

It is based on the practical and perimetral approach.

It involves performing experiment for to test

                        1 relevance of old theories

                        2 provide base for new theories

innovative research & incremental research

innovative research

            this type of research resulted in innovation of a new technology or technique to solve a problem

eg:- research conducted for development of nano technology

incremental research

it is an improvement or extension of something which already exist.


                        Research conducted by a company to improve their product

 Extension of an existing theory:

                        A research which establish a new theory to overcome the short coming of an already existing theory.

  descriptive research & analytical research

descriptive research

it is undertaken to simply explain

            1 what occur or 2 what occurring describe a 1 problem  2 situation 3 phenomena.

            1 Description

            2 Classification

            3 Comparison etc

Used to describe the phenomenon

Eg:- analyse the trend of prises of pulses

 Analytical research

It is explaining: 

1 why it has occurred

2 or how it cooccurred

 Cause affect relationship is explained

Eg analysing the reason behind change in prices of pulses

 deductive research & inductive research

deductive research

eg: a generalisation =” educated people earn more than uneducated peoples”

you can test this hypothesis on a sample from your city.

Here you are testing generalisation on specific sample.

   It is aimed to testing theory

  It is a journey from general to specific

 Research Consider an already established theory & test

 It’s implication on a particular sample

It begin with hypothesis   

It is generally associated with quantitative research.

 Inductive research

Eg : ഓരോ familyയിലേയും working personന്റെ educational levelഉം incomeവും analyses ചെയാൻ 50 വീടുകളിൽ ഒരു study നടത്തി.

അപ്പോൾ നീ കണ്ടെത്തി educated persons are earning more than uneducated person.

 അപ്പോ നീ മുകളിൽ പറഞ്ഞ hypothesis എത്തി.

അത് ഒരു theory  ആയി.

It is a aimed to formulating 1 theories 2 exploring new phenomenon or 3 re interpreting the existing theory with new perspectives.

It is journey from specific to general.

            Researcher analyses any specific issues in different sample unit and if there a pattern in behaviour. It is then generalised.

            It begins with research question

`           it generally associated with qualitative research.

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