Technique of evaluation
1 test: -

  Oral / written
Oral: viva / interview
Written: MCQ / short type question / essay type question
- written test also have mix of different type of questions.
- MCQ: multiple choice question test the understanding of student

2 descriptive questions:

test the retaining ability of student or testing their understanding.

          Eg: define teaching aptitude
          Can test retaining & reacting power of student
          Eg: define teaching aptitude your own word will test understanding of student.

Practical examination

- these can be also conducted depending up on the subject
- these evaluate the practical knowledge of student or skill that student have squired
- it help the diagnosis of psycho motor domain
- practical exams also a quantitative technique of examination.
Observation: - this is the another technique of evaluation teacher can evaluate the confidence attitude aptitude gesture or behaviors of student by observing them.
          - this involve them

          - qualitative technique of evaluation other qualitative technique of evaluations are

1.    Interview
2.    Check list
3.    Rating scale
4.    Diaries
5.    Journals
6.    Anecdotal record etc
Evaluation conduct: -

          1 internally: - class test teacher student
          2 externally: -university  exam / board exam / entrance exam / other people or institute
While selecting evaluation technique their

1.    Effectiveness
2.    Simplicity
3.    Usefulness
4.    Appreciations
5.    Practicability
6.    And availability of resource should be kept in mind

Innovation in evaluating

In computer based evaluation the test is conducted on computer.
And test can be programmed in such a way each student get question paper with different question or with question in a different order.
- test in computer the recorded responses also saved in computer
- it have much lesser time than manual checking
          - NTA OGC = exam NET help
- online test or quizzes can be conducted on google form
= most questions now a day:

1.    MEET
2.    Statement conclusion
3.    Statement argument
4.    Statement assumption
Innovation in evaluating

It is a set of learnable skill & technique that are used by teacher to run the class efficiently without chaotic behaviors from student
A well-managed classroom: -
1.    Academically productive
2.    Maximize active learning
3.    Eliminate behavior that Hindu learning
4.    Facilitate social & emotional growth
5.    Encourage student participation
computer based evaluation &2computer assisted evaluation
1 & 2 involve computers

1computer based evaluation

It imp line use of online quiz & test
Candidate can attempt the paper on computer
Test can uploaded online & student will be given it’s link so that can access it anywhere

1 it is used in moose
2 online course
3 mock test etc
2 another way of computer based evaluation

          Student visit designated examination center and take a test.
- NTA also use this method
- it can be used 60th objective & descriptive question
- for requirement in banking sector the main exam also included English language test comprising essay & letter writing other the MCQ.

Use of computer in evaluation
-in competitive exam / optical mark readers
- the OMR sheet scanned by OMR devices and scanned data can be recorded in the computer.
-then the response can be evaluated using computer program
- it will lead declaration of result in lesser time as computer to manual checking
- the student performance data can be presented graphs & chart to analyses program
- the way computer assisted evaluation computer used for evaluating not for conducting test.
Tips for class room management
1)    before beying teaching student should be informed about the course plan syllabus.

If they know how the (skill or knowledge) avar nedan pokunn can impact their life and how use it in real life situation then they will pay more attention.

2)    Teacher should try to understand the behavior of student their strength their weakness then plan the classroom activity according to their need.

3)    Teacher should clearly specify – me is behaviors 1such as indiscipline, 2coming late to class, 3 disrespect the others will not be tolerated.

On very 1st day of class

-         Teacher should also tell about the consequence of such behavior.

4)    Undesirable behavior must punished teacher should not ignore misbehavior of student in class.

If ignore such behavior will be repeated.

5)    At first teaching should give nonverbal signal: -
a.    Such as looking at then
b.    Walking to their seat while teaching
c.     Asking them questions
d.    Or to use their name in example to grab their attention

6)    If a student continues to disrupt the class even afternoon verbal signal then the teacher can change his seat or direct him to stop distracting in the class.

7)    If he continue appropriate action should be taken

8)    Teacher should discuss the behavior of student with their parent if they continue to mis behavior in class.

9)    Student should also praised in front of their parents for their great achievement and good behavior.

10)          1st day of class / teacher should introduce himself to the class and let student know about his achievement the more student know about their teacher the more they will trust him.

11)          The teacher should share xperiance in class this will motivate student.

12)          The student should be praised his achievement either privately / publicly.

13)          The teacher should have positive relation ship in class

14)          Student should be encourage to participate in discussion.

15)          Ask feed back time to time after aids / method if needed.

16)          The class should always start with an outline of what will be covered in the lecture. It should end with a summary of what has been covered in the day of lecture.

17)          Time should be given during lecture ask question and clear doubts

18)          Never humiliate student even they are lacer basic conceptional knowledge.

Eg: confidence effected / he will not ask ever / lead inferiority complex

19)          If teacher does not like any student not behave badly with them /  rather he try to resolve issue with student.

20)          Marya Angelou said : “ I have learned that people will forget what you said / people will forget what you did / but people will never froget how made them feel to feel good.

21)          If teacher feel student not interested in class room then can try the activity of teaching method or divert by sharing something interest.

22)          While giving assignment to student the teacher should clearly specify the consequence. If they do not complete then by required time.

23)          If behavior of student change suddenly the teacher should try to understand the reason behind it by observation or by asking him directly he is facing any problem. The teacher help him.
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