Audio visual aids

1 film: - this bring outdoor world to class room and facilitate learning
- education film can be shown in the class for better understanding.

                   Film based subject like
1.    Sanitation & cleaners = (toilet ek prem katha)

2.    Use of sanitary napkins = (pad man) 

2 puppet: -puppet are toy showing some characters. These can be used to trying with strings-stick or putting them on hand and finger (depending up on size)
- the performer convey some ideas using interactions between puppet or puppets and human
- this help engaging student
- these had been used in the time of freedom struggle of inmate
- puppet shows = part of tradition of India
3 cartoons: - engagement of students in cartoon = very high
- this help to conveying important idea and instructions along with fun and entertainment

- it most effective to kids

4 drama / play: - it organized for spreading awareness
- such activities help in improve:-

1.    Communication skill

2.    Presentation skill

3.    Creativity

4.    Co-operation in student who participate in drama

- real life situations can be created in drama and student can be taught how to deal with this situation

5 tv channel: -

Tv = serve as a medium
- educational channel can be launched for teaching different subjects
- experts from various reputed institutes can be called to record video lecture.
- students at remote area can also have access to these channel on tv.
                                      “for example “SWAYAM” initiative by the government under which tv channel have ben launched for different subject
- experts from IITS and IIMS and other reputed institution teach on these channel
Online video

- channel can be created on you tube or other platform.
- there are a huge number of  educational channel or you tube
- there are many websites as well on which educational video are available
- biggest advantage = students can access free of cost they need good connectivity & phone / laptop or pc
Activity aids

- student learn by doing so student can retain more
- these activity may be: -
1.    Experiment in laboratory
2.    A role play
3.    A field trip
4.    Presentation
5.    Assignment
6.    Field work
7.    Survey
8.    Computer assisted learning etc
Student understand better when they involved in learning process
Factor effecting effectiveness of teaching support system

1 choice: -
          - choice of teaching aids effect effectiveness of teaching
          - an appropriate aid should be chosen
- if teacher use too many teaching aids it will confuse him / her or student.

2 simplicity: - teaching aid (hard one used or complex) used for simple to understand

3 availability of resources

                   It also effected out comes of teaching aid
- the hard ware & soft ware for teaching aid is not available then result will be compromised

4 relevance: - relevance of aid varies from subject the map used for teaching geography will not have much relevance in mathematics.
Visibility: - if aid is not visible or cannot be used by all students in the class then it will not be effective
          - while designing aids the teacher should take in to the consideration the size of content its

5 time lines: -
          Teaching aids should be used at the right time and place for this the teacher should have good knowledge of teaching and their effective use

6 flexibility: -teaching aid varices from teacher to teacher student to student
          Is what suit one student may not suit other
So teaching aid suits:

1.    The needs of subjects

2.    Interest of students

3.    And comfort of teacher

7 cost: - some aid need costly hardware & software while other can be used with locally availably material

8 attractiveness: - aid should be appealing & attractive.
          In the case of visual & audio-visual aid colors can be used to make attractive / interesting & highlight important point
- but not more than four colors should be used in one slide

- color combinate should be chosen carefully

Learning disorder

1 dyscalculia: - disorder: have differently to understanding mathematic number & arithmetic operations.

                   Sighs etc.

2 dysgraphia: - related to hand writing:

1.    Poor hand writing

2.    In consistent spacing

3.    Wrong spelling etc 

3 dyslexia: - it related to problem in reading like in recognizing & understand letters and words or law fluency

4 dysphasia or aphasia: - it is related problem understanding a spoken


* Passive participates

- Edgar date concept “cone of experience”

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