Traditional teaching support

Modern teaching


Trade system

Support system

In use




Use of ICT
prepared using

Since very long.





1) paper

2) chart sheet

3) thermocol sheet

4) card board

5) chalk

6) colors   

Emerging with development of new technology.



1) hard ware

2) soft ware


1)black board

2) puppet

3) text book

4) charts plays 

5) drama story teller

6) puzzle flash card

1) white board

2) projector

3) radio

4) broad cast

5) slider

6) tv channels

7) live session

8) e-bords

9) smart board etc

Offline method of teaching


1) teaching take place inside the physical boundary of classroom


2) learners need to physical presence in the class room


3) there are fixed time for student to attend the class


4) if can be used even in remote area / lacking electricity / internet gadget.


- teacher in direct contact with the student he can analyses their behavior value interest etc and can guide them.


- teacher can solve queries of student in the class room students can also clarify with clears fellows.


- teacher centered / learner centered.


- lack flexibility as student have attend class & appear exam at specified data & time along with others.


- 1eg: kinesthetic teaching

2 roles playing

3 simulate

Online method of teaching


No need of physical boundary of class room anyone around the upload.

Teachers will upload the content leaners can access if any where


No fixed time learners can attend when ever they want for online


Internet connectivity must for both teacher & student



Contact through online = email or chat session.




Queries can be resolved by discussion forum.



Usually, student centered.



student can learn & appear in teals us per their own schedule.



1 computer based learning

2 programmed instruction

3 live secession

4 interactive video

5 game based learning. 


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