Method of teaching in institution of higher learning

     teacher use many method depending up on basis of availability of: -


      interest of learner


      level of student

      policy of institution

demand of subjects

         Knowledge Experience.....Student 

1)    Lecture method

-         An oral presentation of the lesson by the teacher is known as lecture.

-         Considered as most ancient method of instruction

-         It is most ideal & most common method of teaching for addressing large class room

-         There is one way communication between teacher & student or little or no

 2)    Demonstration method

-         Instead of lecture demonstration for better understanding

-         Demonstration means explaining or showing student practically the common in teaching 1 mathematics 2 science.


[depending upon class teacher can use lecture-com-demonstration method]


1)    Heuristic method

-         This method proposed by Armstrong

-         Word from Greek means find

-         Aim: make students learn curiously by discovery instead of receiving information from teacher.

-         Student try to explore / explain / describe / and predict the topic given by the teacher.

o   Principle of activity

o   Logical thinking

o   Known to unknown

o   Purpose full experience

o   Self-thinking

o   Self-study etc

Are used in hear astatic method

-         The teacher gives a topic or problem to student and they have to find the solution using: -



        Online resource

        Work shop

Seminar etc 

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