4)    Flipped classroom
-         Modern concept popular on 2007
-         Teacher record lecture and share with student
-         Teacher send a link & student watch at their own pace at home
-         Tae student work assignment in the class room
5)    Kinesthetic learning
Also known as :-
                   1 tactile learning
                   2 hands on learning
-         More emphasis on physical activities in stud of lecture / bemol
        Eg: students learn by experiences
        Role playing
6)    Discussion
-         Discussion is better source of learning than lecturing or explaining.
-         Discussion involve 2way communication
-         Lecture involve one way communication 
-         It discussion between teacher & student or students
-         Teacher initiate the discussion then listen to the view point of student
-         At the end teacher summaries all the point discussed   
 7)    Team teaching method
-         In team teaching most only one teachers plans the class activity / rather two or more teachers plan the activities / aids / evaluation. Strategies etc
For the same set of student.
8)    Open learning

-         Open learning is a form of learning in which there are no barriers of age / place / time /etc
-         House wives / employed person / students from remote area etc.
Can complete the course with out any restriction of attending lecture.
Students can learn where ever & whenever they wishli
Distance education
-         Also known s correspondence course
-         It take place when the teacher & student are geographically distant
-         Student can learn from
o   Postal curse
o   Audio / video call
o   Tv program
o   Books
o   News paper
o   Online material etc       
-         UGC-EBSE and other education institutes provide video lecture to student through you tube
-          IGNOU (Indira Gandhi national open university) IGNOU state open university
9)    Project method

-         It was developed by William heard. Kill palrien the project method = activity based learning
-         Project can be statice or working model or it can be also a form of a report.
-         Project work is also a part of many degree programmer in project 1pepor / student 2conduct research 3carry out survey then present the finding of research.
-         Mainly in science & social science
Project can be allocated individually or groups.
10)    Panel discussion
-         In panel discussion / discussion about topic are herd among the panel members can be chosen from with in the class or subject * pearls can be invited for panel discussion.
11)    Brain storming
Brain storming idea = spontaneity
 -         Participant have share their idea or opinion about the topic
-         Idea flow with out any evaluation
-         Idea’s noted on board or on paper
Then end of session best idea are chosen similar idea are clubbed
-         Teacher act as facilitator in such session
 12)    Programmed instruction
-         Programmed learning takes places in a series of controlled and sequential step
-         Programmed material is provided to student and they cover it as per their convenience
Feature: immediate feedback to student
It also used in the absence of teacher
-         The programmer cut topic in to small pieces
-         It address individual differences
-         Learning by doing principle is used in this method
-         There is flexible in teaching & learning
 13)    Personalized system of instruction
-         It is a: -
        Set of method
Which are used to address the diverse 1needs, 2interest, 3aspiration
o   Learning style
o   Pace of content
o   Environment can very from student to student on the basis of
        Prior knowledge
        Goal of student
-         Student centered method of teaching
-         They have their own learning
-         It is opposite to “one size fit all”
Merit: - learning self-placed & student centered
          Learners are more autonomous and independent.
Demerit: -
-         Self-disciplined needed to complete course
-         It cannot be used for primary level student
-         It will difficult to change course content

 14)    Differentiated instruction
-         Differentiated instruction
Teacher  centered
Goal = some
Teacher can differentiate: -
      Subject matter
      Learning practice
      Learning environment etc
To address individual needs of student
There is a flexibility in instruction
Grouping & evaluation
-         Personalized system
Student centered
Goal = same
Student can
15)    Role playing
-         Roles are assigned to students and then interaction take place between them
-         It can make student aware of different person and their perspectives
-         It help in sharpening the: -
        Critical thinking
        Creative thinking
        Reasoning ability of student

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