Factor affecting effectiveness of teaching

1)    Educational qualification

a.    Effective teaching: qualified teacher should be employed.

b.    Teacher must possess minimum qualification required as per the class level of student.

2)    Skills: teacher need

1.    Presentation skill

2.    Communication skill

3.    Ability to manage class etc

Some skills inherent but some learnable.

          Effective teaching teacher must trained if they don’t they fed many problem to manage class.

3)    Building trust: - (with students)

-         The teacher always willing to help student if any problem arisen.

-         This will help the creation of says / positive / productive learning.

-         Students will follow the advice only if they trust him.

4)    Pace of teaching & learning

Teacher should know the pace capable and capacity of student & plan accordingly.

-         If teaching pace fast it not match with student.

-         If teaching pace slow syllabus will not cyslt


5)    Ability to engage student

6)    Personality of a teacher – teacher should have: -

a.    Patience

b.    Caring

c.     Kind personality

He / she should not be rude toward students.

A dedicated teacher will ensure says / positive & productive class room .


7)    Learners: - aptitude / attitude personality / prior knowledge / age level / determination of learners influence the effectiveness.

8)    Support materials: -

The availability & use of: -

a.    Study material

b.    Audio & video

c.     Online courses & test

Other teaching aids also increased effectiveness of teaching.

9)    Instructional facilities:

This includes: -

a.    Class room laboratories

b.    Seminar room

c.     Projector

d.    White bored

If it is not student can’t learn properly.

10)  Learning environment. If the teacher & learner are comfortable in surrounding environment the learning will effective.

But high big teacher qualified but noisy class is hand.

11)  Policies of institution 

 This policy to give                                                                                               

 i.      Autonomy to teacher

 ii.      Can control policies activity  

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