Samskrithi 's Teaching Aptitude Latest Notes Part-03 

Nature & characteristics of teaching

Teaching = dynamic

Cognitive activity

Lengthy class


1 teaching = science

Use of scientific strategies / practices & technique to enhance learning.

= scientific + systematic + logically planned activity


Aim: - shape behaviours of student in desire manner

-         Teachers also maintain a record of the score of student in test to keep trace of their performance.


2 teaching is an art: -

1)    Based on the creativity of teacher to use different method &  aid of teaching.

2)    What suit 1 student other teacher

Adjust stagedives of prove effectiveness

3)    For that teacher need to adjust

a.    Strangers

b.    Practices

c.     Technique

4)    There is a flexibility in teaching

5)    Teaching also dipped upon teachers.

           i.      Aptitude

           ii.      Ability

           iii.      Personality

           iv.      Knowledge

Eg: painting:

1)    fasil was picture varakkumbol oonte creativity kk anusrich different method of paint kodukkum

2)    one picture paint suit to other picture so paint mayunmo

3)    painter fasil needs to adjust dilute water, concentrate turpentine to improve beauty of picture.

4)    paintu nan ishdamallla paint mathram kodukko enn vashi flexible

5)    total 1+2+3+4.

 3 teaching is a craft: -

          1 it requires some skill like

1)    communicative skill

2)    creative thinking

3)    critical thinking

4)    class management skill

5)    presentation skill

6)    confidence

these skills are 1 learned thorough:

1)    experience

2)    observation

3)    training


1 knowledge + 2 skills + 3 hard work = success full carrier in teaching

Its like an hand craft or knitting the cloth eg : if we make a cloth many steps and process are behind that .

          Ability eg: -

1)    colour mixing

2)    spinning

3)    tread marking etc


this skill only by experience / observation / training

          4 teaching = moral activity: -

                   Purpose all-round development of student.

                   Teacher focus syllabus + moral

Bcz they are future of tomorrow

Bcz class room plays an important rule in shaping them

If a dress maker making the clothes he not just knitting the cloth , but he always concern about cover the body part tooo .

dress is the future wears is

teaching = dynamic

Teachers activity , behaviour and others qualities will change and flexible based on the situation


Eg: if a teacher argued iam only teach student by sitting . Its not a good quality of teacher teacher must to flexible all his activities

Teacher understand student sleeping while sitting & they energetic when teacher walk among them and touch their head so use that method & avoid before ( is flexible & dynamic )

Teaching = complex activity

Teaching =

1)    science

2)    art

3)    craft

it is complex set of skills & abilities are required

teacher want to deal with different personality at a time.

While teaching planning activities must consider

1)    students knowledge

2)    pace of learning

3)    interest


teaching = diverse:

                   teaching : showing deal of variety in classrooms.

Is teachers have divers set of:

1)    strategies

2)    methods

3)    techniques depending

up on students.

Teaching = continues

          Teaching = life ling learning process

        cradle to grave

        not ending

teaching = formal & informal

                             in classroom & in outside

teachers ------------------ learner

          2 way interaction between teacher & student

          Flow of knowledge from both side

Earlies: teacher centric / monologue

Now: dialogue / student can ask questions & activity

Teaching = all-round development of student.

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