Samskrithi 's Teaching Aptitude Latest Notes Part-04

Basic requitements of teaching


1 teaching need mainly 2 variable

1)    teacher (independent variable)

2)     student (dependent variable)


2 in teacher use:

1)    Different methods

2)    Strategies

3)    Aids

4)    Learning materials

3 teaching = continues process need:

1)    Patience

2)    Motivations

3)    Determination

4)    Focus

For  keep student on track.

4 teachers need:

1)    Devoted

2)    Determined 

for better future of student

5 student should have interested in:

1)    Subject

2)    Activities

3)    Learning materials


6 need continues evolution; for understand & improve performance of student.

7 class room activities:

For learning & retain in memory.

8 discipline – important requirement of teaching.

          Discipline ഇല്ലെങ്കില് - they can’t able to teach students

9 effective communication & interaction

10 requirement of effective teaching also:

1)    Knowledge of teaching method

2)    Effect of teaching

3)    Principle of teaching

4)    Knowledge of subjects

5)    Knowledge of nature of student

 Principle of teaching

Principle of activity

1 learning take place when student involved in it.

2 teaching should involve with student in activities.

          Result: 1 better retardation

                     2 they will not forget what they learned

          In learning take when student involve – teacher can’t involve with student can’t focus activities

1)    Physical activity

2)    Mental activity

2 principle of interest: -

          1 student must have interest in class.

If the student not interested in class.

 1st curiosity develop ചെയ്യുന്ന.

How 1 telling them how able to use new information in real life

          2 giving question 1st & telling concept for answering

          3 teacher should relate theoretical knowledge with practical example from real life

          4 change teaching method

          5 teaching aid also used

          Material: content = updated on time & use suitable materials.

Principle of planning: -

1)    teaching activity

2)    method

3)    aids                                    (planning)

4)    syllabus + time

a.    course plan

b.    lesson plan

c.     test schedule

d.    assignment


principle of division: -

          all concept eg: this book of UGC.

Not possible കോരിത്തരാൻ at one time

So divide this in 10 part

1/1 complete, 1st unit I am curious about 2nd this make learning easy.


Principle of revision: -

          To remember revision is compulsory

1)    home work

2)    jest on time

A continues revising


Principle of democratic dealing 2 type: -

1)    teacher dominance – teacher centric

2)    teacher democratic student centric

improve self-confidence / self-esteems / self-respect

principle of motivation: -

                   students unique skill will be appreciable find that & motivate reword (gift – praise)


principle of re creation

                   among lengthy class in:

1)    enhance creativity

2)    engage students


principle of individual differences: -

                   no student = same skill

          teacher = find + recognize & teaching should know



principle of remedial teaching: -

          identify & understand problem & suggest remedial measure for these problem.

Eg: ഒരു കുട്ടിക്ക എന്നും ഉച്ചക്ക് വയർ വേദനിക്കുന്നു not ക്ലാസിൽ concentrate ചെയ്യാന് പറ്റുന്നില്ല

          Enquire & identify = because of gas trouble & suggest in to play on lunch time.


Principle of creativity: -

          Make teaching style to encourage students creativity & critical thinking.


Principle of reinforcement: -

          By 1praising student 2giving gift


Principle of training sense: -

          Aid help to arain eye seas with sense

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