Word teachers’ day: October 5

How to teach

Teacher use

1)    simple to complex

                        i.      explain simple concept 1st

                        ii.      explain complex concept 2nd

2)    known to unseen

past experience of the students should be linked to new teaching

3)    from seen to unseen

4)    concrete to new abstract fact


established fact to abstract fact

5)    particular to general

6)    whole to part

7)    psychological to logical

8)    analysis then synthesis

separating then complaining

eg: problem should be divided in to part past can be complained solve by sin thesis

9)    empirical knowledge to rational knowledge

knowledge based on experience & knowledge based on logic

10) Teachers always encourage self-study among students


learning is the acquisition of new behavior or the strengthening or weakening of old behavior and result of experience henry smith.


2 learners characteristics

Difference between learner & student


1)    learning can take place without even & teacher is require for student

2)    learning & teaching

learning take place without teaching & but teaching is an imaginable with out some form of a learning

-         can be inside & outside the class room

-         life long pursuit

-         characteristics of learners revolve around their personality / attitude / confidence level / prior knowledge / ability.


Characteristics of Adolescence

Adult =       learner can be recognized as

1)    personal

2)    academic

3)    social / emotional

4)    cognitive

1 personal characteristics

1)    include

a.    demographic in formation of learners

b.    age /

                i.      age

               ii.      gender

             iii.      maturity level

             iv.      language

               v.      socio economic status

             vi.      cultural back ground

2)    academic characteristics

a.    learning goal

b.    prior knowledge

c.     educational level of the learner

3)    social / emotional characteristics

a.    based on relation of group

b.    individual with in a group

                     i.      group structure (eg: below cast)

                    ii.      place of individual with in group (law value)

                   iii.      sociability

                   iv.      self-image

                   v.      mood

4)    cognitive characteristics

1 peter mine 1 how learner

a.    perceives

b.    remember

c.     think

d.    solve problem

e.    organize

f.      represent in formation

in his brain


1)    attention span
2)    memory
3)    mental procedure
4)    intellectual skills


the teachers should plan the class room activity on the basis of above stated Chara of the student.

Characteristics of good learners: -

1)    persistence

2)    they know haw to make as of knowledge in real life

3)    share their knowledge

4)    free from – re emotion (ager arrogance)

5)    curious to lean always

6)    the find time for reading analyzing & evaluating

7)    they enjoy learning & don’t dishearten in the journey of learning

8)    learn new thing by answering a lot of question with in him

9)    ability to update

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