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Goeffrey Chaucer (1340 – 1400)

·  Geoffrey chaucer, known as the ‘father of English literature’ or alternatively the ‘father of English Poetry

·        Best known for The Canterbury Tales

·        widely considered as the greatest English poet of the middle ages.

·        He wrote in the East Midlands dialect.

·        It was Dryden who called Chaucer  the father of English Poetry’.

·        The literary career of Chaucer was divided into three phases. They are French, Italian and English.

1.      The French period (1358 – 1372)

·        In his first period he was influenced by French literature. His poems are modeled upon the French Originals. Some important poems of this period are

Ø The Romaunt of the Rose.

Ø The Book of the Duchesse(1369)

Ø The Compleynt unto Pite.

Ø An A.B.C.

Ø The Compleynt of Mars

2.     The Italian Period (1372-1385)

       It was a time in which he spent more time in Italy where he worked upon the literature of the great Italian masters.

Ø Anelida and Arcite

Ø The parlement of Foules

Ø The House of Fame.

Ø The Legend of Good Women

Ø The Knight’s Tale

Ø Troilus and Criseyde

3.     The English Period (1386 – 1400)

       It was his most important period because his masterpiece the Canterbury Tales one of the greatest poems in all literature was written.

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