Read the passage and answer the questions that follows.

Given the precarious condition of its ground and surface water resources (rivers, stream, lakes, wetlands and reservoirs). India could be water-scarce country in the next 40 years. With 1.486 cubic meters (~1.5 million litres) of water available per person. per annum. India falls in the water stressed category. A dip below 1000 cubic meters per person, per annum will push it into the water-scarce category.

The manner of water consumption also compounds the problem. Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) statistics show the indiscriminate use of ground water turned 4% of the total 7.089 assessed units in the country critical in 2022 while 14% were assessed as over-exploited The situation was worse in 2017 when 17% of the units were over-exploited. Various recharge and conservation efforts have borne fruit but the number of such units remain high in states like Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana. Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

In India,87% of groundwater is extracted for irrigation and experts say excess withdrawal round the year may be the biggest reason for depletion, as the recharge primarily happens in the monsoon. On the other hand encroachment of water bodies and the discharge of untreated waste water into rivers and streams have reduced the surface water resources.

01)-Which of the following states have been found to have high number of over exploited units of ground water?

A. Rajasthan and Delhi

B. Punjab & Haryana

C. Uttar Pradesh

D. Tamil Nadu & Karnataka

E. Madhya Pradesh

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

  • 1)    A. B. C & D only
  • 2)    A. B. & D only
  • 3)    B, C, D & E only
  • 4)    A. B, C, D. E


02)- India will become water-scarce country if the availability of water per person per annum falls below

  • 1    ~ 1 million litre
  • 2    ~ 1.5 million litre
  • 3    ~ 1.2 million litre
  • 4    ~ 100000 litre

03)- In the year 2022 how many units of water assessed by CGWB were found to be over-exploited?

  • 1)    ~ 283
  • 2)    ~ 992
  • 3)    ~ 1276
  • 4)    ~ 1006

04)- Assuming that the total number of ground water units assessed by CWGB in the years 2017 and 2022 were same (i.c, 7089). What is the difference between the number of over-exploited units in 2017 and 2022?

  • 1)    ~213
  • 2)    ~216
  • 3)    ~260
  • 4)    ~354

05)- Identify the factors responsible for depletion of water resources.

A. High consumption of water in agricultural sector

B. High consumption of water in Commercial sector

C. Encroachment of water bodies

D. Excessive water use in domestic sector

E. Discharge of untreated waste water in rivers and streams.

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

1)    A. C, D & E only

2)    A. B. C & E only

3)    A. B. C. D. E

4)    A. C & E only