Kerala PSC HSST Exam-2022 Preparation Notes English Part-04 

The Physician (The Doctor of Physique)

·        A doctor who can speak knowingly of medicines, drugs, and humours, and who knows astrology as well.

·        He is fond of gold and makes a lot of money during the plague season.

The Pardoner

·        The most complex of all the pilgrims.

·        He is an intellect and uses advanced psychological means to gain his objective.

·        Although he is not a good person, he can preach a good sermon.

The Monk

·        A man who tends the property of the monastery.

·        He is fat and happy, loves good food and wine, and finds the taverns more to his liking than the cold, severe monastery.

The Nun’s Priest

·        The priest of the church who accompanies the nuns so that they may offer up their confessions.

The Second Nun

·        A very devout nun who, because she believes that idleness leads to sin, begins her story immediately.

The Manciple

·        The steward for a law school.

·        Although not as intelligent as the law students, he is clever and shrewd enough to be able to put away some money for himself.

The Parson

·        A very poor but very holy and virtuous religious man who tells a highly moral tale.

·        He gives his scant money to his poor parishioners and tries to live the perfect life.

·        Preached only what he practised

·        Never left the parish to make money in London

·        Was a simple shepherd who wanted to save the souls of his sheep

·        Always asked himself “if gold rusts, what would iron do?”

The Yeoman

·        Wore coat and hood of green and carried a bow and a sheaf of shiny sharp arrows fitted with peacock feathers under his pouch.

·        He is a Woodsman, compared to Robin Hood

The Plowman

·        The Plowman is the Parson’s brother and is equally good-hearted. A member of the peasant class, he pays his tithes to the Church and leads a good Christian life.

The Guildsmen

·        Listed together, the five Guildsmen appear as a unit.

·        English guilds were a combination of labor unions and social fraternities: craftsmen of similar occupations joined together to increase their bargaining power and live communally.

·        All five Guildsmen are clad in the livery of their brotherhood.


    1. Geoffrey Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales is a collection of .......tales narrated by a group of pilgrims

 A-22       B-24        C-26           D-28

     2.     What is the name of the inn where pilgrims gathered to visit Canterbury?

 A-Taffold Inn     B-Tabard inn     C-Southwark inn       D- Three Kings inn

      3.      Canterbury tales pilgrims are also known as

 A-Psalmers       B- Farmers        C- Palmers        D-Faithfull

     4 .   Who is described in the “Prologue” as “an outrider who loved hunting”?

A-Squire     B -Monk     C-Friar      D- Knight

    5.     What is the relationship between the Squire and the Knight?

A- Two Unrelated Pilgrims         B- A Pilgrim and the Inn Keeper

C-Father and Son                         D. Son and Father

     6.     What is the name of The Prioress in Prologue?

A- Madame Eglantyne           B- Madame Sosortis

           C- Madame Belladona            D- No Name

     7.     Who tells the Oriental Tale of a falcon talking to Canace about her husband’s adultery?

A-Knight       B-Squire.            C-the poet             D-the Host

      8.     What is Bath in Wife of Bath’s name?

A- Family Name.       B- Place         C-Sur name.     D- Husband

     9.     Wife of Bath was………………because of a slap from her previous husband

A-Blind in both eyes.              B- Blind in one eye

            C-Deaf in both ear                  D- Deaf in one ear

     10.   Who  saved gold, because of his love of gold?

A-The Physician    B-The Reeve

C- The shipman.   C- Wife of Bath

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