Reading Comprehension Question UGC-NET December 2020 and June 2021 cycles

Read the given passage and answer the questions that follow 

Besides being hailed as a technology which can deliver the 'global village', the Internet is also promoted as a singular medium which allows for democratised processes which were not previously possible in the era of broadcast. but what kinds of democracy are being postulated here? Traditionally, and more than ever now, democracy is heavily aligned with the nation-state. Because of this, no sense is made of the claim that the Internet enables universal participation in the democratic process. The point here is the practices of communication afforded by computer-mediated communication may able to substitute some of the functions of the mass media- for example, in the formation of preinstitutional public opinion. But these practices do not necessarily exert pressure on the institutional apparatuses of politics. Of course, the mass media themselves, as a means of electronically mediated communication, can never replace the institutional apparatuses of politics, and as found out by numerous studies, have been just as much used by politicians as they have influenced them. The internet can be classified as a global technology, which enables connections with individuals and institutions overseas just as easily as it does nationally, regionally or locally, If there is an imagined community on the Internet, it is definitely not the nationstate. State bounded kinds of citizenship cannot be considered coterminous with the kinds of citizenship which are achieved on the Internet. However, this is not to argue that a global sense of citizenship, even if it too is an 'imagined one', cannot exist. Recent protests against international financial institutions such as the World Bank were organised almost entirely through Internet media - a case of not-so-visible electronic assemblies producing very visible embodied assemblies. But even that the experience of community on the Internet is not limited to national boundaries, it is also important to consider the shape and structure of virtual communities. 


Qu-1)-Even now the nation-state influences 


A-Its citizens

B Its imagined communities

C The democratic process

D The globalisation concept

Qu-2)The crux of the passage is that the Internet


A)-Can help organise people's assemblies

B)-can provide segmented experience of the world

C)-has limited use in politics

D)-is an all-powerful medium

Qu-3)-Internet is considered as a prime medium for its  


A)-Better than the broadcast medium

B)-Far-reaching accessibility

C)-Position as a technological medium

D)-Promotion of a new type of democratisation

Qu-4)-In what way, can the internet play a role in modern society? 

A)-Being a substitute to traditional broadcast media

B)-By playing a supportive role to conventional media

C)-By shaping institutional public opinion

D)-By taking an active part as a political institution

Qu-5)-What is the main weakness of the Internet? 

A)-Electronic media is more powerful than the Internet

B)-It cannot produce a global sense of citizenship

C)-It cannot substitute political institutions

D)- Virtual citizenship is coterminous with national citizenship

Answers From NTA Exam-2021 

1-The democratic process

2-Can help organise people's assemblies

3-Promotion of a new type of democratisation

4-By shaping institutional public opinion

5- It cannot substitute political institutions

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