Read the passage and answer the questions that follow:

Science and the techniques to which it has given rise have changed human life during the last hundred and fifty years more than it had been changed since men took to agriculture, and the changes that are being wrought by science continue at an increasing speed. There is no sing of any new stability to be attained on some scientific plateau, On the contrary, there is every reason to think that the revolutionary possibilities of science extend immeasurably beyond what has so far been realized. Can the human race adjust itself quickly enough to these vertiginous transformations of will it, as innumerable former species have done, perish from lack of adaptability? The dinosaurs were, in their day the lords of creation, and if there had been philosophers among them, not one would have foreseen that the whole race might perish. But they became extinct because they could not adapt themselves to a world without swamps. In the case of man and science there is a wholly new factor, namely that man himself is creating the changes of environment to which he will have to adjust himself with unprecedented rapidity. But, although man through his scientific beings. Although they come about through human agencies, they have, or at any rate have had so far, something of the inexorable inevitability of natural forces. whether Nature dried up the swamps of men deliberately drained them, makes little deference as regards the ultimate result. Whether men will be able to survive the changes of environment that their own skill has brought about is an open question. if the answer is in the affirmative, it will be known some day, if not, not. If the answer is to be in the affirmative, men will have to apply scientific ways of thinking to themselves and their institutions.

01)-Dinosaurs became extinact because of:

(a) A massive earthquake

(b) Incessant rainfall

(c) Extreme could

(d) lack of adaptability

02) In the scientific age who is responsible for the changing environment?

(a) Nature

(b) Man

(c) Natural Disasters

(d) Wars

03) The main focus of the passage is on:

(a) Extinction of species

(b) Extinction of Dinosaurs

(c) Science and Human life

(d) Distraction of Forests

04) "If the answer is in the affirmative. refers to the question related to:

(a) Changes in environment

(b) Human survival

(c) Human extinction

(d) Changes in scientific approach

05) According to the passage the following are true?

A) Science is bringing about rapid changes.

B) There is every likelihood that a scientific plateau will be reached.

C) Man will definitely perish like the Dinosaurs.

D) There are chances that mankind may become extinct due to lack of adaptability.

E) Change in the environment made through human agencies have so far shown almost the same inexorable inevitability as that of natural forces in the past.

(a) (A), (D) and (E) Only

(b) (A), (B) and (E) Only

(c) (A) and (E) Only

(d) (B), (C) and (E) Only


 1 - d

 2 - b

 3 - c

 4 - b

 5 - a