Read the passage and answer the question that follow:

The transport department is planning to start a road safety campaign that will involve local resident welfare associations, market stakeholders, school children and society representatives. As part of the campaign, the district magistrates will form plans to address the increasing number of accidents in consensus with the locals.

The decision was taken after it was found during a government study that road sections passing through pedestrian heavy areas having schools, metro stations and commercial sites were more prone to accidents.

A senior official said that funds worth Crores, which were meant for ensuring road safety were not being utilised. "The focus of the campaign will be to identify and rectify black spots, revisit speed limits, form road safety clubs, install Al Cameras at strategic locations. encourage helmet use, check speed in high risk locations and regulate overloaded commercial vehicles, the official explained.

The number of deaths due to road accidents in Delhi totalled 1,239 in 2021 and an increase from 1,196 fatalities in the previous year. according to Delhi Crash Report 2021. which was prepared by the city's traffic police. Pedestrian deaths comprised more than 40% of the total fatalities.

1. The Government study found that areas that were more accident prone were

(a) Main roads

(b) Peripheral roads

(c) Highways

(d) Pedestrian-heavy areas

2. "Black spots" are areas

(a) that have been blackened.

(b) that have no light.

(c) where a lot of accidents happen.

(d) that are busy.

3. Fill in the blank with the appropriate option: The number of deaths due to road accidents from 2020 to 2021.

(a) Declined

(b) Remained the same

(c) Increased

(d) Decreased

4. "Revisit speed limits" means

(a) Speed limits will be revised.

(b) Speed limit will be re-assessed.

(c) Speed limits will be reduced.

(d) Speed limits will be increased.

5. Given below are two statements:

Statement I: The Focus of the passage is on making Delhi roads safer: Statement II: Funds worth crores meant for ensuring road safety have been properly utilized.

In the light of the above statement, choose the most appropriate from the options given below.

(a) Both Statement I and Statement II are correct

(b) Both Statement 1 and Statement II are incorrect

(c) Statement 1 is correct but Statement II is incorrect

(d) Statement 1 is incorrect but Statement II correct


1 - d

2 - c

3 - c

4 - b

5 - c