Read the following passage and answer the question that follows:

   Political freedom and economic justice are two sides of democracy: both are essential. We should lay stress on the improvements of the economic conditions of the people as well as on liberty and freedom. No society can claim to be democratic if it does not permit political liberty, freedom of conscience, freedom of choice between parties, and opportunities of peaceful and orderly changes of Government. In the context of the international situation, there are many misunderstandings. We can build peace even on the basis of misunderstandings. When once peace is built, misunderstandings will diminish. 

   We, in our country, are now engaged in the enterprise of effecting a social and economic revolution. The word 'revolution' need not scare us. It does not mean barricades and bloodshed. It means only speedy and drastic changes. We are interested not only in our objectives but in our methods; not only in what we achieve but in how we achieve. Through peaceful, constitutional processes we won our independence and integrated our country; and now we are striving to raise the material standards of our people. Even if we meet defeat in our attempt to replace force by persuasion, the politics of power by the politics of brotherhood, we are convinced that the defeat will be only temporary, for goodness is rooted in the things; kindness and love are as contagious as unkindness and hate.

1. Economic standards of people could be raised by

(a) Force

(b) Politics of power

(c) Politics of Brotherhood

(d) Politics of exclusion

2. For a democratic society it is essential to have

A. Complete literacy

B. Political freedom

C. Freedom of individual

D. Population control

E. Economic justice

Choose the correct answer from the options

given below:

(a) A, B and E only

(b) B, C and D only

(c) C and E only

(d) B, C and E only

3. The word 'revolution' in the passage implies

(a) Bloodshed

(b) Violent protests

(c) Political transformation

(d) Social and economic transformation

4. Which of the following traits of human nature are considered to be contagious?

A. Honesty

B. Kindness

C. Love

D. Hate

E. Integrity

Choose the correct answer from the options given below:

(a) A, B and C only

(b) B, C and D only

(c) C and D only

(d) B, D and E only

5. Given below are two statements:

Statement 1: In international arena, understandings are a per-requisite for building peace.

Statement II: India achieved its independence and integration through peaceful revolution.\

 In the light of the above statements, choose the correct answer from the options given below.

(a) Both Statement I and Statement II are true

(b) Both Statement I and Statement II are false

(c) Statement I is true but Statement II is false

(d) Statement I is false but Statement II is true


 1 - c

 2 - d

 3 - d

 4 - b

 5 - d