Read the passage and answer the question that follow:

Few of Man's activities have zero environmental effect. For centuries, societies have suffered a wide variety to environmental damage. not least in terms of the air pollution that primitive, uncontrolled of combustion caused, People of Roman Britain. With fires in their huts, found the smoke a hazard to health and examination of human skulls shows a pitting that indicates a high frequency of sinusitis. The UK was the first country to widely experience massive industrial development based on coal. Between 1580 and 1680, imports of coal to London increased from 20,000 tonnes year to 360000 tonnes London become a city of 'great stinking fogs.' These were only really to disappear some years after the episode in December 1952 when cold temperature and moist air resulted in the condensation of moisture on particles in the air from coal combustion. Over a radius of 20 miles the resulting fog rendered the atmosphere opaque and its was found that in the week ending 13 December 1952 there had been an excess of 2851 over the usual weekly number of deaths. In response the clean Air Acts of 1956 and dealt mainly with smoke in cities. Two decades after the smog disaster the control of pollution Act (1974) was brought in and systematically began the long haul towards comprehensives improvements in air quality as part of overall environmental protection. Similar experiences were encountered across Europe and North America during the 20th century.

1. London become a city of "great stinking Jogs" as a result?

(a) Household fires

(b) Cold temperature

(c) Coal combustion

(d) Excusive moisture in the air

2. Between 1580 and 1680 imports of coal to London increased?

(a) Marginally

(b) Insignificantly

(c) Negligibly

(d) Substantially

3. The fog of London in the second week of December 19522

A. Reduced the number of deaths.

B. Increased the number of deaths.

C. Rendered the atmosphere over a radius of 20 miles smoke free.

D. Rendered the atmosphere over a radius of 20 miles opaque.

E. Did not make any difference to the air quality or to number of deaths.

Choose the correct answer from the option given below:

(a) B, C and D Only

(b) B and D Only

(c) B, D and E Only

(d) D and E Only

4. The passage highlights mainly.

(a) the association between vehicular pollution and development.

(b) air pollution and human heath.

(c) the industrial development of UK.

(d) the similarities in development of UK, Europe and North America.

5. The Control of Pollution Act.

A. Was brought in almost 20 years after the Clean Air Act of 1956.

B. Stopped all industrial activity.

C. Aimed at improving air quality.

D. Focused mainly on dealing with smoke in cities.

E. Focused on environmental protection.

Choose the correct answer from the option given given below:

(a) A and E Only

(b) B, C and D Only

(c) A, C and E Only

(d) A, B, C and D Only


1 - c

2 - d

3 - b

4 - b

5 - c